1. Maintain healthy weight

2. Low sodium diet

3. Exercise

4. Home monitor

5. Better taking the pill in the evening than in the morning



Sugar control

1. Low carbohydrate diet, Calorie count

2. Exercise

3. Home monitor

Eyes check

Optometrist/Ophthalmologist follow up yearly

Foot check

Podiatry follow up yearly



1. check the vision

2. check the balance

3. check the sensation of the feet

4. check the home settings for risks for fall

Kidney stone


1. Adequate hydration every day

2. Diet improvement, reduce consumption of spinach, tomato, chocolate, peanut, etc

3. High Calcium diet to reduce the absorption of oxalate

4. Low sodium diet

5. Avoid too much supplement of vitamin C

6. Reduce sugar intake

Poison ivy


1. Leave of three, let it be

2. Cover the skin while having outdoor activities

3. Apply IvyBlock if having skin exposed

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GERD (acid reflex)


1. Sleep at least 2-3 hours later after eating

2. Avoid food: coke, chocolate, coffee, orange, peppermint, tomato, fatty food

3. Quit drinking and smoking

4. Weight loss

recurrent UTI


1. Avoiding spermicides (sperm-killing creams) 

2. Drinking more fluid

3. Urinating right after sex – flush out germs 

4. Vaginal estrogen for those with menopause

5. cranberry juice may help

6. Antibiotics – prolong the course or take it after sex