Bee/Wasp bite


1. Ice compression

2. OTC antihistamine for the itching

3. Steroid cream/ointment if no improvement

4. If develops SOB, call 911 instead of driving to the ED

Lyme disease


1. Remove the tick with a profession tick remover to totally get rid of it

2. If you see a target rash, see a doctor for an antibiotic

poison ivy/oak


1. Wash the contact site immediately with soap and lots of water

2. Mild rash: OTC Burow’ Solution for the itching

2. Moderate to severe: better see a doctor for steroid cream or pills

3. Make sure the duration of steroid treatment more than 10 days



1. Infection of the skin

2. Cause redness, pain, and swelling.

3. Diagnosed clinically, Most people do not need any tests

4. Keep the infected area clean and dry

5. See the doctor if getting bigger or more swollen and painful

6. Usually needs antibiotics



1. Skin bacterial infection

2. Most commonly found in the Axilla, Buttock and Limbs

3. Skin redness, swelling, pain and fluctuance

4. Deep abscess can be diagnosed with ultrasound

5. Need incision and drainage as well as antibiotics

6. Procedure can be done in urgent care and some primary care

7. Doctors usually send for bacterial culture to know what bacteria and drug resistance

8. Receive tenenus vaccine if immunization is not up to date