Bee/Wasp/Hornet bite


1. Most people only has minor local reactions, people with venom allergy (about 3%) may develop systemic allergic reactions and could be life-threatening (ie, anaphylaxis)

2. Immediate stinger removal in seconds if possible

3. A typical local reaction is a painful swelling red area (1 to 5 cm) that develops within minutes and resolves in a few hours

4. Large local reactions peak at about 48 hours and then gradually resolve over 5 to 10 days. 

5. Ice compression on the skin, don't unroof the pseudopustules that may increase the risk of infection

6. OTC: antihistamine for the itching; ibuprofen/tylenol to reduce pain

7. Prescription: steroid cream/ointment or pills if no improvement; antibiotic if develops a secondary bacterial infection

8. A tetanus booster is not necessary following a "clean" sting

9. If develops SOB, call 911 instead of driving to the ED, Epipen backup at home

poison ivy/oak


1. Leave of three, let it be

2. About 25 to 40 million Americans require medical treatment annually

3. Clinical symptoms occurs in 4 to 96 hours and peak between 1 and 14 days

4. Most common presenting signs--intense pruritus and rash, vesicles or bullae sometimes

5. Prevention: Cover the skin while having outdoor activities, Apply IvyBlock to skin 15 minutes prior to potential exposure, Wash the contact skin immediately with soap and lots of water

6. Mild rash: OTC Burow’ Solution for the itching

7. Moderate to severe: better see a doctor for steroid cream or pills

8. Make sure the duration of steroid treatment more than 10 days

9. Usually resolves in 1 to 3 weeks

Lyme disease


1. Most commonly reported vector-borne disease in the US

2. Transmission of Borrelia species that cause Lyme disease requires more than 24 hours of attachment of ticks

3. Preventions: wearing protective clothing (using tick repellents, like DEET), checking for ticks after outdoor activities, showering within two hours of potential exposures, placing dry clothes in dryers on high heat for 4 minutes

4. Long pants only or light-colored clothing is not helpful, recommend permethrin-treated clothing

5. Remove the tick with a profession tick remover to totally get rid of it after the bite

6. If you see a target skin rash, see a doctor for an antibiotic



1. Infection of the skin

2. Cause redness, pain, and swelling.

3. Diagnosed clinically, Most people do not need any tests

4. Keep the infected area clean and dry

5. See the doctor if getting bigger or more swollen and painful

6. Usually needs antibiotics



1. Skin bacterial infection

2. Most commonly found in the Axilla, Buttock and Limbs

3. Skin redness, swelling, pain and fluctuance

4. Deep abscess can be diagnosed with ultrasound

5. Need incision and drainage as well as antibiotics

6. Procedure can be done in urgent care and some primary care

7. Doctors usually send for bacterial culture to know what bacteria and drug resistance

8. Receive tenenus vaccine if immunization is not up to date