Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

--- Hippocrates (375 B.C., Greek)

weight Loss



1. Calorie control, Cut down daily calorie intake by 500-750 

2. Time-Restrict Feeding (TRF), limit the feeding within 8 hours each day.

3. Special diet: Atkins diet, Ornish diet, Mediterranean diet etc 


1. 200-300 min weekly

2. Reduce stress

Medicine supervised by the doctor

1. Orlistat: decrease fat absorption, lower 2.9 kg yearly

2. Qsymia (Phentermine/Topiramate): suppress appetite, lower 10.2 kg yearly. 

3. Lorcaserin: suppress appetite, lower 5.8 kg yearly.
4. Contrave (Naltrexone/Bupropion):suppress appetite, lower 4.1 kg yearly.
5. Liraglutide: Lower blood glucose, decrease appetite, lower 4.5 kg yearly

Healthy Plate



  • 2-3 years old: 2 cups a day (473ml)
  • 4-8 years old: 2.5 cups a day (591ml)
  • Above 9 years old: 3 cups (710ml)


  • recommend colorful vegetables (Green with vitamin K, Red and Orange for Vitamin A) 
  • Daily recommendation: 2.5 cups


  • Better to choose fresh fruit than juice
  • Better to choose juice than Juice drink
  • Daily recommendation: 2 cups


  • A variety of Meat including seafood, meat, chicken, eggs
  • Avoid processed meat, like sausage
  • Less red meat, like beef, pork
  • A handful of nuts a day, unsalted
  • Daily protein recommendation: 5.5 ounce (156 g)


  • Recommend whole grain, like wheat, barley, maize, rye, oat and quinoa etc
  • Less refined grain, loss of dietary fiber, iron and vitamin B
  • Daily reccommendation: 6 ounces (170g)



Limit for male

  • 2 drink per day, 4 drink per occasion

Limit for female

  • 1 drink per day, 3 drink per occasion

Ways to quit drink

1. Join Alcoholics Anonymous

2. Contact your doctor for medication help

Alcohol level

  • Keep level < 50 ml/dl (1 drink = 25 ml/dl)
  • Metallization rate 10-15 ml/dl

smoking cessation



Most of the smokers require multiple attemps at smoking cessation before permanently quitting

Best approach

Combination of behavioral support and medicine

Behavior support

                 (A vairety of languages available)


  • Varenicline (Chantix)
  • Bupropion (Wellbutrin)
  • Nicotine patch plus nicotine gum


  • Acupuncture
  • Hypnotherapy

Prevention for relapses

  • Frequent doctor visits
  • Medicine treatment 3-18 months


Membership of Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle is your choice

If you choose to live healthfully, beginning now. It can not only add years to your life but life to your years.